Spring-Cleaning Closets and Drawers

Can I Add Oil Scents to My Humidifier
How to Make Your Own Dehumidifier diy: kitty litter dehumidifer How to Kill Mold
Hang a bundle of chalk in the closet to keep everything fresh and dry. They will absorb extra moisture and keep clothing fresh and dry, and takes up much less room than an electric dehumidifier.

Dehumidify and clean up cobwebs You can virtually eliminate spiders in your basement by using a dehumidifier to maintain a 40 percent humidity level and vigilantly sweeping down cobwebs whenever they appear. Keep the basement window sills brushed clean too. In a matter of weeks, the spider population will die down significantly.

How to Remove Mold From Walls Ceilings | eHow use dehumidifies, this is a three step process, that has the potential to be a very long process sigh

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