Fall Pest Prevention Tips

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Dehumidifier A Natural Way to Remove Odors and Humidity How to Make Your Own Dehumidifier 30 Easy Household Hacks You Need to Know
Dehumidify and clean up cobwebs You can virtually eliminate spiders in your basement by using a dehumidifier to maintain a 40 percent humidity level and vigilantly sweeping down cobwebs whenever they appear. Keep the basement window sills brushed clean too. In a matter of weeks, the spider population will die down significantly.

How to Kill Mold……so I have a therory about keeping away mold: Salt. Salt sucks moisture out of the air (don’t believe me? watch a documentary on it….Hollywood actually uses a salt mine to protect their movies….anyway) so if you bought a bunch of salt (like the water softener or road deicer kind) and put them in containers with holes in them ….then maybe it would help keep things dry….also I would buy a dehumidifier to help larger areas

DIY Dehumidifier

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