Inspiration for turning a plain metal trash can into something prettier – this could be done, right?

Trash Can
Trash Can Large Steel Gray Retro Metal Trash Can – v1 Hand-built wooden Tilt-out Trash Can Cabinet – 22 Genius DIY Home Decor Projects You Will Fall In Love With!! Pull-out cutting board and trash can. Really like this, will probably have to do some revisions for the house. Bino Mini Trash Can

Big Plans, Little Budget: Tip-Out Trash and Recycling Center15 STYLISH TRASH CANS My wife asked me to build something to hide the trash and recycling cans so that we could pretend that we don’t produce any garbage. Here’s the finished product first because some people have no ability to delay gratification. More I didn’t measure for a trash can, so I don’t know where you want to put it or if this one will fit. Harper Trash Can 15 STYLISH TRASH CANS Pallet trash can holder.