Stanley Brand Thermos

Thermos New 3 Styles Animal Stainless Steel Thermos Vacuum Bottle Water Cup Travel Mug #Unbranded thermos…filled with soup for breezy beachy days shape within a shape Product Design #productdesign Pop mug, red | Xindao

Invented in 1892 by Sir James Dewar, a scientist at Oxford University, the “vacuum flask” was not manufactured for commercial use until 1904, when two German glass blowers formed Thermos GmbH. They held a contest to name the “vacuum flask” and a resident of Munich submitted “Thermos”, which came from the Greek word “Therme” meaning “hot”.one_o_one_travel_mug_hangar_design_group_acera_4b.jpg Anna Palomaa – Kuru Vintage Thermos Collection Illustration Print by NeatoNectarine, $15.00 Feeding cup for kids Thermos Bottle egg shape portable rope drinking with cup Insulation winter summer 350ML kids drinkware Vintage Thermos collection….we have over a hundred of them!